The Secret Sauce to End Emotional Eating

In July 2017 I had oral surgery. I had a tooth extracted, it wasn’t fun. My plan was to have an implant once it healed, which I did in May 2018. This was part 1. I knew I had to return after 4-5 months to have the implant finished. Then it’s off to the dentist for the crown.


I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced having a tooth pulled or an implant placed, but I’ll tell you this is a very long process. And not very pleasant.


Last Friday I returned to the oral surgeon to finish the implant process. As she was about to inject me, I happened to say, “I’m waiting until January to have the crown done”. She stopped right as the needle was about to penetrate my gum. She told me she cannot finish the implant today if I am waiting another 2 months to have the crown taken care of. After explaining in detail the reason why, I got up to leave, feeling very disappointed.


I had driven all the way to the oral surgeon’s office, in traffic, which took me way too long on a Friday morning when I had a zillion other things I had to do. I psyched myself up for this visit, and now she tells me she cannot move forward.


I was upset, frustrated, and irritated…and you know what the oral surgeon told me to do as I was leaving her office?


“Bonnie, stop at the bakery and pick up a treat. You’ll feel better!”




I swiftly turned around to look at her. For a moment, I was inclined to go into a speech about how I don’t feed my emotions. But I thought the better of it and decided to smile and leave.


The surgeon’s immediate response to my feelings of disappointment is not uncommon for many people. Experiencing an uncomfortable emotion? Feed it. It’s easier to feed the emotion that to feel the emotion.


But is this in your absolute best interest? Is numbing the pain or stuffing it down with food the best way for you to take care of you?




Many times, your eating response to an uncomfortable emotion can feel impulsive.


Let’s examine this further.


The definition of the word impulsive means “actions based on sudden desires rather than careful thought; based on emotional impulses; acting under stress or emotion.”


When acting impulsively, you are acting quickly or acting without fully examining the consequences.


So, for example:

  • when you impulsively grab for the cookie when you walk in from work because it was sitting on the counter


  • or you impulsively reach for the ice cream in the freezer after you have an argument with your partner


These are examples of you acting without fully examining the consequences. And it’s only after you finish the cookie(s) or the pint of chocolate fudge ice cream that you stop and wonder “why did I do that, again?”


Does this resonate with you?


Do you suddenly find yourself eating without having even thought about it first?


Then you feel guilty and the negative self-talk starts (“there you go again, you just can’t’ control  yourself”) and you start to criticize yourself for “not wanting IT bad enough”? And we know what IT is, right? Weight loss!


Impulsive eating can be an emotional roller coaster with triggers at almost every meal or time of day that can lead you to overindulge.


And more often than not, there is some emotional reason behind that impulsive decision to eat. It’s just that sometimes it’s not so easy for you to figure it out.


But, you have the power within you to identify the WHY behind your impulsive and emotional eating. You must first become aware in order to have change.


I’m going to show you how to start this process in my FREE 5-day challenge called ‘How to Triumph Over Emotional Eating’. This challenge will help you begin to break your pattern of emotional eating. Together we’ll find YOUR power.


During the 5 days, you’ll learn my “6 P’s to Success” in changing your relationship to food, so food no longer has power over you.  Each day you’ll receive an email with training and a quick assignment to complete. Then later that day we will meet in our Facebook group for a Facebook Live training to dig deeper into that day’s lesson. You’ll also be able to ask questions and get my personal help.


This challenge will help you triumph over emotional eating and give you the tools you need to succeed.


You will truly learn the secret sauce to end emotional eating!


As a bonus, you will have a chance to win prizes just for participating in the challenge!  You will also get access to all 5 videos after the challenge is over.


What are you waiting for?  Head over to and sign up today to secure your spot!


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