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Do you find yourself heading to the fridge when you're bored?  

Do you turn to your secret stash of candy in your desk drawer after your boss yells at you?

Do you crave chocolate after a fight with your spouse?

Do you find yourself deep into the pint of chocolate fudge ice cream to avoid confronting your friend who betrayed you?

You have the power within you to stop soothing your emotions with food!  

This 5 day challenge will help you begin to break your pattern of emotional eating

Join me and together we'll find your POWER!

Hosted by Bonnie R. Giller

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Certified Intuitive Eating Couselor

Founder of Diet Free Radiant Me

With this Free Challenge, You Will Get:

Step-By-Step Training

Every day you'll get an email with a training and a quick activity to help you triumph over emotional eating.

You'll learn my 6 P's to success in changing your relationship to food, so food no longer has the power over you.

Support & Community

Join me every day for a Facebook LIVE training to dig into that day's assignment. You can ask questions and get my personal help.

Plus, you'll have access to a private community where you can get support from me and our wonderful sisterhood.

Prizes for Participating

It's always fun to get prizes! You'll get the chance to win great prizes just for participating in the Challenge! Woot woot!

What Past Challengers Have to Say....

"This has been like therapy this week. I mean that in a good way. I like therapy. I appreciate all of the effort you have put into this week! Thank you, Bonnie!" ~Felicia  

"Bonnie certainly does offer a huge amount of valuable information and encouragement. Thank you so much." ~Penelope Bell  

"I am feeling at peace, thoughtful, hopeful, and supported after this challenge." ~Lucha  

"When you think of food do you think of the word deprivation? Do you love food and hate yourself after you eat it? When you're upset, stressed or lonely do you use food to comfort yourself? I could answer yes to all of the above. In Bonnie's week long challenge I found there's a different way to approach my relationship with food. Diets have only provided me with a list of don'ts and instilled in me the good food/bad food way of thinking. Her challenge provided me with steps to be at peace with food and myself. I’m forever grateful." ~Connie  

"I had a wonderful enlightening week. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help, encouragement and information you gave. I am on the journey to end emotional eating. Bonnie, thank you, thank you, thank you." ~Jean  

"The 5-day Triumph Over Emotional Eating Challenge helped me to feel more hopeful about changing my relationship with food. It wasn’t as much about the actual food or my weight as I thought. Bonnie led engaging, and interactive discussions. I love her energy and compassion! The participation of the others in the challenge was so helpful, we encouraged each other each day. It was a productive use of my time that I can build upon to overcome obstacles and make changes to be emotionally and physically healthier. Bonnie, thank you for all your efforts in changing lives!" ~Lynn