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The Stress and Food Cycle

In the previous article I listed many healthy ways to manage the stress in your life.  Notice I did not list “indulge in comfort food” or “treat yourself with food” as one of the healthy alternatives to stress.  Yet how many people use food as their “go to” cure for stress?  If this strikes a […]

Here We Go Again-Another Fad Diet

Just a mere couple of months into 2013 and Americans have latched on to a new “magic bullet” called “The Fast Diet.”  To summarize, the “Fast Diet” recommends limiting your calories on two, non-consecutive days during the week to 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men.  The other five days you are free […]

iEat Mindfully™ Program Launch

Welcome to the online launch of iEat MindfullyTM!  First, let me congratulate you for taking the first step to learning how to banish diets forever and move past yo-yo dieting! You will never have to go on another diet again! You will learn to reclaim what you were born with… and that is to be […]