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Evaluate and Feel Great!

When you have a diet mentality, there are a lot of things that can take away from you feeling positive about yourself.  Remember those days you didn’t follow “the plan” and you felt that you had failed?  Feeling like you needed to hide to eat something you wanted to eat because that would make it […]

Being Intuitive with Exercise

At this juncture if you have been reading my intuitive eating blogs, I hope you have begun to grasp that it is a mindset shift I’ve been encouraging rather than a specific meal plan to follow.  These principles of intuitive eating can also be applied to exercise. If you’ve been a chronic dieter, then most […]

A Weight Goal is Not a Goal

Having goals is a wonderful way to keep making progress especially when working to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Goals motivate you and give you specific things to strive for.  While goals should always be measurable and have an allotted amount of time in which they should be accomplished, having a “weight goal” should not be […]