Celebration Dinners, Food Police and Trust

It’s all about TRUST! But in whom?


This past week I posted the following “If/Then Question” on my Facebook Page.


You are going out to dinner to celebrate your child’s graduation. You have been practicing intuitive eating, but are a little worried about indulging because you are going to your favorite restaurant. You then….


A. Remind yourself that intuitive eating is about trusting yourself with your food choices, and you are regaining this trust day-by-day.


B. Commit to being mindful while eating and will check-in with your satiety level mid-meal.


C. Think to yourself – heck, this is a celebration! I don’t usually get to this restaurant often, I’ll skip lunch so I’m good and hungry for dinner.


The answers were varied. For those who have worked with me on their intuitive eating journey, or are in the midst of it, they chose option A or B. For those new to the process or that are finding some challenges along the way, they chose C. And that’s okay, because remember, this is a process and the process takes time and patience, and is judgement-free!


The feelings of excitement when going to a new restaurant, trying new foods, or celebrating a milestone can dig up some old diet mentality thoughts.


These thoughts may sound like:

  1. I’m going to skip lunch today so I can save my calories or points for dinner.
  2. I won’t eat any carbs during the day, because I want to eat from the bread basket at the restaurant.
  3. I’m finishing what’s on my plate, this food is so delicious I don’t know when I’ll get to eat this food again.
  4. If I weigh more on the scale tomorrow morning, I’ll just cut back my eating for the day and be sure to choose only “healthy” foods.


All these statements are the food police speaking, screaming at you unreasonable rules. And in each of these cases, what do you think happens?


That’s right! You arrive at the restaurant and sit down to dinner in a ravenous state and more than likely, you end up eating to an overfull state. Then you feel physically uncomfortable, emotionally miserable (guilty, shame), and you follow that with food restriction!


Restriction – cutting back on your food intake or choosing only “healthy” foods if the scale is higher the next day – is dieting. It’s the opposite of being intuitive.


Your body weight is a measure of the weight of your tissues, which includes your bones, organs, muscle and fat tissue AND the substances that pass through such as water, food and waste. If you weigh more this morning than you did yesterday, it doesn’t mean that you have more fatty tissue today because you ate the chicken parm at last night’s graduation dinner.


The food police, however, would like to have you think it IS the reason, and therefore it is shouting rules at you to eat less today, to avoid carbs, and to only choose “healthy” foods.


Shout back at the food police by doing these 3 things:

  1. Identify the distorted irrational dieting thought and disarm it.
  2. Recognize that a higher weight this morning may be due to some other reason as your body weight fluctuates day-to-day based on many factors.
  3. Don’t weigh yourself. Throw away the scale and begin to cultivate the trust in your body to make food and nutrition choices that are right for you.


It’s all about the TRUST!


Need help to learn how to trust yourself, your food choices and your body? I’m an email (or phone call away – 516-486-4569)!


Intuitive Eating Brings Hope!

Intuitive Eating Brings HopeDieting brings despair! Intuitive eating brings hope!

Susan is a client I recently started working with. She has been overweight for most of her life. She has tried diet after diet. Yes, she lost weight, but then she gained it back plus some.

This day was no different. She sat at her desk at work and decided she needed to start Weight Watchers, again, for the umpteenth time. But as she logged into her computer, she realized that there HAS to be another way. Weight Watchers worked for her in the past, but never for long. She always gained the weight back. So, this can’t be her answer.

Susan felt despair.

Susan felt hopeless.

She then set out to search on Google for another answer. And she happened upon my webpage

As Susan started reading, she thought this can’t be true. I can really lose weight without dieting? It must be a gimmick.

Yet, something inside Susan told her to download my e-book 5 Steps to a Body You Love Without Dieting, and she did.

Susan immediately started reading it and lightbulb after lightbulb went off.

Wow, she thought. This lady really knows me. She really understands what I am struggling with.

Susan contacted me for a complementary phone session to learn more about breaking free of all the pain dieting has caused her, and changing her relationship to food. She then decided to sign on to work with me.

Susan wants everyone out there reading this to know that INTUITIVE EATING BRINGS HOPE!

Intuitive eating makes total sense! She is amazed why she never heard of this concept before.  Well, that’s because she, and probably you, are immersed in the world of dieting. The diet industry wants to keep you immersed in all the false promises so you can lose weight, only to gain it back and come back to them to go round 2….and round 3, then round 4 etc…

Break this cycle!

Be good to yourself! Tell yourself there IS another way, and that way is to learn how to trust your body to be your guide. Sounds difficult and scary? Yep, I get that. But with the right kind of caring support, you can achieve what Susan is achieving.

If I can be of help to you, just click here and request your complementary Break Free of Dieting Session.