The Secret to Avoiding Weight Gain Over the Holiday Season

cookies-wrapped-in-bow-holidayYou love the holidays but dread the anticipated weight gain typical of the holiday season. Instead of stressing about how much weight you might gain and then setting your New Year’s resolution around finding a diet to drop the weight, why not try a different approach this year.


The secret to avoiding the expected holiday weight gain is to focus on weight maintenance.


Maintaining weight can be achieved by following a few simple strategies.


Three is key

This represents three meals, which means don’t skip breakfast and don’t overeat at the midday holiday meal in anticipation of skipping the last meal of the day. Skipping breakfast can potentially cause your blood sugar to drop, as well as your mood, and lead to overeating at the holiday meal.  The key is to start your day off with a healthy breakfast and have lunch and/or a snack before guests arrive or before heading out to the party.  Tune in when you eat and let your body’s internal signals guide you.


Indulge in your favorites

Don’t avoid your favorites that come around once a year. Avoidance can lead to caving in and then to overeating.  It is much better to eat a small portion of something you really want than to give it up entirely. Choose those treats that you don’t typically have year round such as Aunt Susan’s green bean casserole, Momma’s roast beef with gravy or Grandma Sarah’s holiday sugar cookies. Take one portion one time without guilt.


Survey the buffet

Take a walk around the buffet table and see what food offerings there are. Choose 3 to 4 items that you absolutely want, making sure that they include a protein, grain and vegetable at the very least so you have a balanced plate.


Keep hydrated

Drinking lots of water helps to keep you hydrated!  Ensure that you are drinking at least eight (8 oz.) glasses of water each day.  Start your day with 16 oz. before breakfast, have another 16 oz. with lunch and dinner, and one glass mid-morning and mid-afternoon.



The more you stress, the greater the surge in cortisol, you primary stress hormone.  This sets you up for sugar cravings and weight gain.  Commit to practicing deep breathing every morning before you get out of bed, every evening before you lay down, and any time during the day that you need it.  Include yoga, Pilates, meditation in your daily/weekly schedule to help with stress relief.


Daily Exercise

An important element in weight maintenance over the holidays is continuing with your exercise routine.  Incorporating interval training and strength training has been found to be just the right to help you keep your weight in check over the holiday season.


Weight maintenance throughout the holiday season is a realistic and smart goal.  These tips will help you enjoy the holidays without the worry of weight gain.  Start the New Year off with a new mindset.  You will feel the difference!


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