Intuitive Eating for Adults
Intuitive Eating for Adults

Private and Group Coaching

What is the true answer to making peace with food and your body? Regaining WholeBody Trust™!

  • You’ve been dieting for years only to lose weight and gain it back, over and over again.
  • Your eating is guided by food rules and you have tremendous guilt after you’ve eaten a food you consider “bad.”
  • You’ve begun to fear food and it’s affected your relationship with others, but most of all your relationship with yourself. 
  • You dislike (or maybe even hate) your body and have lost total trust in it! 

But you are ready to learn to TRUST again!

And I am here to help you! As a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified intuitive eating counselor, I am passionate about helping you regain the trust in yourself and your body so you can shift out of a diet mentality and learn to be guided by your inner hunger and fullness signals and reacquaint yourself with your inner body wisdom.