Are You Destined to Be Fat?

You know how to eat healthfully. You have heard it time and time again.


Eat whole foods, lean proteins, whole grains, plenty of fruits and veggies (the colors of the rainbow) and healthy fats. And, yes, avoid highly processed foods!


You don’t need anyone to tell you this! You know this already.


You actually have eaten like this. Then stopped eating like this. Then started eating like this again, then stopped again! Yikes, I’m getting dizzy!


Why do you NOT do what you know is good for you?


Well, there might be several reasons. For starters, it’s easy to fall back into old habits. Change is hard, there’s no doubt about that. And change takes time, patience and perseverance. You can do it as long as life cooperates. But once life throws you a curve ball, you haven’t learned how to juggle that curve ball while maintaining your newfound healthy habits. So, you fall back into old familiar habits that feel safe, even if they aren’t healthy for you.


Now, don’t feel bad about this. It happens to the best of us. What you should feel bad about is if you don’t keep trying. If you just throw in the towel and say and do one of the two following statements:


  • “It doesn’t matter, I’m destined to be fat, and so I might as well just forget trying. I’m going to enjoy my food and I’ll show them (by the way, who is “them”)?”


  • “I’m going to try the Atkins diet again, or Weight Watchers for the umpteenth time”.


Now, let’s discuss each of the above statements.


In statement number one, you are engaging in pessimistic thinking (the cup is half empty). This type of self-talk is negative messaging that only leads to more unhappiness and self-destructive thoughts and behaviors.


In statement number two, you know full well that diets don’t work. I don’t care what diet it is. Diets just don’t work as a ‘forever’.


Again, you know this. So, why do you fall for the fad diet’s false advertising time and time again?


I am going to explain why in full detail AND I am going to give away my 5 Step System to Break Free of Dieting so you can get the body and life you love on my upcoming Free Online Training.


Here are the deets:


Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST.


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Did You Get Sucked in to the New Year’s Diet Scheme?

I’m sure it feels like everyone you know is starting a new diet or workout regime this month. In the past I’m sure that even YOU have fallen into the hypnosis of the “January start a new diet” trend set by the diet industry. I want to challenge you to try a different approach to your health this year.


The truth is that every “new diet” you see is actually the same. There is always going to be the latest trend hitting the internet or newsstands. But at the end of the day, all diets have one thing in common: someone other than yourself is telling you what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat.  And truth be told, they aren’t going to help you feel better about your relationship with food OR yourself.


So, let’s not kick off 2017 with a cloud of dieting thoughts over your head, okay? It’s time to jump OFF the diet roller coaster and to start listening to your inner wisdom.


Who better to listen to than your own body?


Okay, so this sounds all great, right? And the new programs that are being marketed now are calling themselves “Lifestyle Programs”. But let me let you in on a little secret. Those “Lifestyle Programs” are just fancy names for diets. They say they want to help you make lifestyle changes, but they are still giving you lists of foods to eat and not to eat.


Oh, by the way, don’t even get me started on those doctors with Harvard degrees that are promoting “Detoxes”. Give me a break! Anyone is going to lose weight if they drink these concoctions for a week or a month. Then what happens after the detox is over? You know what happens….


But I divert. Let me get back on course here.
If you are riding the diet roller coaster, you’re probably unhappy with your body and have an unhealthy relationship with food.


Coming next month I have a free training called “The 5 Steps to Break Free of Dieting” where I explain the 5 steps you need to get the body and life you love without the pain and restriction of dieting.


Come join our Facebook community group to get notified when this free training will take place, or check back to this blog next week for more information!


Do You Feed Your Emotions?

copy-of-webinar-replay-3One of the things that come up often in my work with my clients is how they deal with their emotions.  We all experience different emotions throughout a given day.  Those emotions can be sadness, happiness, stress, anxiety, boredom or many others.  It is totally normal to experience these emotions from time to time, but how you cope with them is key.


So let me ask you a question: How do you handle your emotions?


Do you look for support from someone close to you?


Do you journal how you are feeling and use one of your coping mechanisms to help you get through it?


Or, do you reach for food?


Do you find yourself reaching into the food cabinets when these emotions arise?  How do you feel after you eat your “go-to” mood fixer food?


As an emotional eater you use food as a way to solve your problems, so you think.  But in reality, food will not make these problems go away.  They will certainly distract you for a time but once you stop eating, the problem and your feelings will still be there. You sadness, anxiety, boredom or stress, will still need to be addressed.  But now, there is likely some added guilt and physical discomfort from overeating.


Does this sound like you?


If it does, know you are not alone.


Here are 4 steps you can take today to move away from emotional eating:


  1. Acknowledge when you turn to food to comfort your emotions. Are you choosing foods to help numb your emotion?  What emotions are you feeling in that moment?  Take a moment to breathe and think about what you are doing.  Journal what comes up for you.


  1. Stop and listen to your body before turning to food. What are you truly feeling?   If you can honestly say you are hungry, then by all means you should eat….a well-balanced power snack or meal. But if you are being true to yourself and really want to help yourself, you won’t automatically say “I’m hungry”. Instead, you will think about what you are feeling and how you can comfort yourself without turning to food.


  1. Seek support from a loved one or counselor. Talking through your emotions instead of eating through them is an amazing feeling.


  1. Journal things that you enjoy doing that can distract your during your emotional times. Take a walk, do a puzzle, read a book, etc.  Figure out what works best for you.


Let’s dig even deeper into how to end emotional eating.


Join me on Thursday, October 13th for a free live training called A Simple (and Delicious) Way to End Emotional Eating.


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Your Time to Achieve the Body You Love is NOW!


Last night kicked off the Freedom to Eat Forever program and I am thrilled to see that participants are already having “ah-ha” moments! If you aren’t yet familiar with the program, Freedom to Eat Forever is an online small group coaching program to help you break free of the pain of dieting so you can enjoy guilt-free eating, a life free of dieting and a body you love.


Here is what one of the participants has to say about the Freedom to Eat Forever program:


“I realize I have been afraid, not knowing what or how to eat if I’m not on some diet or eating plan. Fear of not monitoring everything I eat, which means cutting down, cutting back or I will gain weight. I monitor everything, criticize myself and eat more to soothe my emotions. In one day, your program is changing that for me!! I am paying attention to my inner signals. I am eating foods I enjoy in what seems to be reasonable amounts.”


I know, I know. It sounds crazy to have such a shift in mindset in just a few days, but it IS possible and you can do it too. The Freedom to Eat Forever program provides a solution to the 3 biggest mistakes yo-yo dieters make in trying to lose weight and keep it off.


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The Answer to End Your Weight Struggles is Here

Last night was really a landmark night for me and I want to share it with you.


I knew how excited I was to share with the world How to Break Free from the Pain of Dieting and Get the Body You Love Without Feeling Deprived. But I had no idea how many of you shared that same excitement. There is one thing that is undeniable. And you know it deep down. Discovering how to give up dieting and eat without guilt can be one of the most crucial factors in finally achieving what you have dreamed of for so long.


Just in case you missed it last night, or want to listen again, here is the link to the replay.  You’ll want to listen now because it’s only available for a short time.


On the webinar, I taught the 3 steps that you need to become an intuitive eater.  These are the same steps that I have incorporated into my own life. On the webinar, I tell you a bit about my own story and how intuitive eating has changed my life. And, you know what? It can change yours too.

Intuitive eating can help you:

  • be freed of dieting forever
  • lose weight and keep it off without feelings of deprivation
  • eat without guilt or food worry


I also announced on the webinar the premier of Freedom to Eat Forever. This is a revolutionary program that not only helps you shift your mindset and reject dieting.

But more importantly, it helps you experience:

  1. Unconditional permission to eat when you are hungry what foods you desire.
  2. Eating for physical and not emotional reasons.
  3. Reliance on your internal hunger and satiety signals to determine when and how much to eat.


And most crucially of all…reveals how to enjoy a diet-free life and a body you love.


It’s this combination of shifting your mindset and honoring your body that makes Freedom to Eat Forever such an amazing experience.  Powerful, even life-changing,  to help you not only leap frog your biggest challenges, but to set you up for a lifetime that exceeds your wildest dreams.


Learn the 3 steps to breaking free from dieting by listening to the webinar here.


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The program begins October 1, 2014. It’s a 90 day (3 month program- October, November and December).


Oh, and by the way, I have a fast action bonus for you if you take action fast. An “Ask Me Anything Coaching Call” available to the first 20 people who register. And, that’s on top of the big dollar savings for those who register through the webinar promotion (and lots of other bonuses and surprises I am throwing in).

Freedom to Eat Forever