Using Food as Fuel, Not Therapy

There is nothing wrong with foods being a source of pleasure.  In fact, the more positive your relationship with food, the better you will feel about your eating habits.


But, there is a fine line between a positive food relationship and using food as comfort.


The notion of seeking “comfort” from certain foods can lead to problems with your relationship with food.  If you are eating something to gain a sense of comfort, this begins to connect your eating to emotions instead of satiety.


There is a difference between eating a food you love because you are enjoying the taste of it or the ceremony for which the food represents, and eating to soothe emotions.


If you eat to feed your emotions, then you may be an emotional eater.


Let’s take a look at the cycle of emotional eating.


Emotional Eating Cycle


Your emotional trigger might be stress or even loneliness, which can lead to overeating and bingeing.  You might be looking for “something” to fill a void that you seem to have in your life.  That food may give you relief in the moment, but shame, guilt and body bashing can quickly follow.


This can become a vicious cycle, leaving you with a poor body image, negative self-image and those same emotions you started with.


When you eat for comfort, you are likely looking to avoid feeling whatever feelings you are experiencing. Because let’s face it, feeling feelings is hard! You hope that food will solve whatever problem you are having, but you know what? Food will not solve the problem.  Once you stop eating, the root of your problems will still be there. And on top of that, you likely feel bloated, tired and physically uncomfortable.


The best way to deal with your emotions is to look at the root of the problem, instead of turning to food.


Food as Fuel, Not Therapy


It’s best to use food as fuel rather than therapy. This is not to say you can’t eat the foods you previously considered to be “comfort foods”.  Instead, simply redefine their place in your eating plan, and make them a part of your healthy lifestyle, not a part of your mental well-being.


Would you like to delve further into your emotional eating and learn how to use food as fuel and not therapy? 


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Resources and Support for Yo-Yo Dieters and Emotional Eaters

Help is HereHow do you feel about seeking help for things that aren’t always going so right in your life?


Whether it be relationship tension, marital problems, school issues, work-related problems, do you suffer alone and try to figure it out by yourself, or do you seek the guidance of a professional who can be objective and help you work through the difficult times?


There is often a stigma around seeking help and many people feel like they should just be able to handle it on their own.


Are you one of those people?


I’m specifically talking here about getting help to overcome emotional eating and years of yo-yo dieting. One of my clients recently confessed to me that she had my phone number for a long time but didn’t call me until recently because she was embarrassed. She felt that she should be able to lose the weight and keep it off without having to seek professional help.  When she realized that time after time she was unsuccessful with dieting, she finally called me and made an appointment.


As she reflected on the experience, she realized that she wasted so many years and wished she had started this journey a long time ago. But even so, she is so glad that she finally called me and got over the shame she felt for not being able to do it by herself.


You are a strong person and probably accomplished in many areas of your life. But if you are struggling with yo-yo dieting and emotional eating, give yourself the gift of seeking the support you need to jump over the hurdles. You may even know where your specific struggles lie, but you just need the strategies and the right partner.


You don’t have to go it alone!


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