3 tips to manage food stress in your life

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I returned to my office yesterday after a 4-day weekend. Wow, the number of emails, messages, Facebook notifications and faxes was truly overwhelming. Then the phone calls started…people somehow know the minute I sit behind my desk.


I was overwhelmed. That overwhelm caused me to procrastinate on getting some projects done, like this blog for IE Wednesday which I am writing quite late!


What I didn’t do was turn to food. Yet so many people do.


Food has become a way for so many women in my community to distract from pain, procrastinate from work, and deal with the stress and overwhelm they experience in their lives. The problem is that food does not fix any of these things!!


Food is supposed to be enjoyed. Yet, when speaking with so many clients, and potential clients, they tell me that food is stressful. All aspects of food, whether its deciding what to eat, shopping and preparing food for meals, or even the thought of going out to eat food.


And certainly, the guilt they feel after they eat what they think they “shouldn’t eat’!


Stress, stress, stress!


So today I wanted to share some strategies with you to help you manage food-related stress, without turning to food to cope!


If you have had a difficult relationship with food for some time now, then you can probably relate with today’s topic.


I know you probably want food to be a non-issue in your life. And you know what? It can be.


Let’s first start with 3 strategies that you can put into place immediately to help you minimize the stress around food.


Strategy #1: Set up your environment for success.

While I’m all about teaching you how to be intuitive in your eating (of course…I teach intuitive eating!), I am also very practical. It is important to be mindful of your eating and one way to do that is to reduce your external eating cues. That means put all food away after you’ve eaten and don’t leave food on the counters or table. If food is left out, it can very easily lead to mindless munching which then leads to feelings of guilt and frustration for eating when you weren’t hungry.


Strategy #2: Seek assistance from your family members.

Food shopping and meal prep doesn’t have to just be your responsibility. Get everyone involved in the menu planning. Even better, assign everyone a night to prepare the dinner. This way the whole family is involved, the kids will more likely eat what they help to prepare, and you get quality family time too.


Strategy #3. Start to use meditation and visualization.  Meditation can be a powerful tool to help keep your mind clear and stress-free. You can use meditation as a way to visualize yourself being stress-free around food and, by visualizing that, you can start to believe it will happen too.


These strategies are a good place to get started and you can use them as a way to figure out what works best for you.


But I have more right inside my online ‘do-it-yourself’ program where you will get my best strategies to decreasing the stress and overwhelm in your daily life!


And, because reality has it that there will be times when stress just happens, I teach you the most important questions you need to ask, and practices for you to use to beat that stress without turning to food (because let’s face it, it’s not about the food, it’s about the reasons you are eating!)


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Stress Less this Holiday Season

DFRM_StressLessEatLess_PrintHeaderWith the upcoming holidays it’s easy to get lost in the chaos. Don’t let yourself feel out of control this year. Start your holiday season off on the right foot! Make this the year that you conquer your dieting habits and turn to intuitive and mindful eating for a body you love.

Here are a few suggestions that work for me during the busy holiday season. I hope you find them helpful too.

  • Set yourself up for success

As I’ve mentioned many times before and I will probably suggest many times again, set yourself up for success. Do a clean sweep of your kitchen before you begin your cooking. I don’t mean sweep the floor, I mean tuck away all tempting foods – out of sight, out of mind. Take those holiday cookies and sweets and put them in the pantry or kitchen cabinet so they won’t be staring at you while you cook.

  • Be sure to eat breakfast each day

Skipping breakfast or lunch before your holiday meal will cause you to be exceptionally hungry when it’s time for the main meal. You might think you’re doing yourself a favor but you will likely eat more than your stomach can handle and you won’t feel good afterwards. Or you might fill up on appetizers and feel full before the meal even begins. Understand that maintaining a state of satisfaction is a huge part of eating right.

  • Pace Yourself

During the meal, pacing yourself is key. Put your fork down and spend time talking to relatives in between bites. As you space out your meal you allow your brain to register the food that is entering your stomach. Your body will be able to signal when you are satisfied and have eaten enough.

  • Anticipate the stress

The holidays are a balancing act. Prepare yourself for stressful situations and learn how to best manage a stressful event so that you do not turn to food to ease the stress. If you know you are going to see family members or friends who drain you physically and emotionally, take the time to mentally prepare yourself in advance. Think of strategies to handle situations and come up with solutions to destress. This can be finding a comforting place to take a break, whether it be your car or an empty room.


The stress that comes from the cooking, the cleaning, the planning and of course the eating can all be balanced with the right strategies and support.


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Simple Solutions to Stop Stress Eating in its Tracks!

DFRM_StressLessEatLess_Holiday_300x300Thanksgiving is only one week away. Yikes!


Cleaning, shopping, cooking, preparing the house….there is so much to do!


Does all the stress and overwhelm of the holidays cause you to go into a tailspin? How will you accomplish all that you need to do? And, of course, you still need to go to work, tend to your usual house chores, take care of the kids etc.


What happens when you get stressed and overwhelmed?


For many, they cope by turning to food to “ease the stress”. Ahh, that piece of chocolate melting in your mouth is melting away all the stress too. That is, until you try on your favorite holiday pants and they don’t button.


Sound familiar?


Listen, I know you want to overcome stress eating. The holidays that are upon us are just one time when you might find yourself coping with food. But what about all year round? Is life hectic with little time for yourself?


Deep down in your heart and soul, you wish there was a way for you to learn how to manage the stress and overwhelm without eating. Actually, you wish you could better handle all that life throws your way so you aren’t overwhelmed.


There is a way!





I am excited to bring to you a brand new program called Stress Less EAT LESS™.

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In this program you will discover:

  • How to develop a calm mindset by better managing your time and priorities so you can be more mindful in how you handle kid stress, job stress, life’s stresses.
  • What changes you need to make in your daily health and nutrition habits so you feel physically and mentally ready to deal with a stressful situation without caving to the ice cream and cake.
  • The two most important steps that you need to take when you are in the midst of overwhelm and it seems easier to turn to food to numb.
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Resources and Support for Yo-Yo Dieters and Emotional Eaters

Help is HereHow do you feel about seeking help for things that aren’t always going so right in your life?


Whether it be relationship tension, marital problems, school issues, work-related problems, do you suffer alone and try to figure it out by yourself, or do you seek the guidance of a professional who can be objective and help you work through the difficult times?


There is often a stigma around seeking help and many people feel like they should just be able to handle it on their own.


Are you one of those people?


I’m specifically talking here about getting help to overcome emotional eating and years of yo-yo dieting. One of my clients recently confessed to me that she had my phone number for a long time but didn’t call me until recently because she was embarrassed. She felt that she should be able to lose the weight and keep it off without having to seek professional help.  When she realized that time after time she was unsuccessful with dieting, she finally called me and made an appointment.


As she reflected on the experience, she realized that she wasted so many years and wished she had started this journey a long time ago. But even so, she is so glad that she finally called me and got over the shame she felt for not being able to do it by herself.


You are a strong person and probably accomplished in many areas of your life. But if you are struggling with yo-yo dieting and emotional eating, give yourself the gift of seeking the support you need to jump over the hurdles. You may even know where your specific struggles lie, but you just need the strategies and the right partner.


You don’t have to go it alone!


I have a number of Free Resources to help you.


  • E-book: 5 Steps to a Body You Love Without Dieting available by putting your name and email in the boxes to the right of this page, or at


  • The Diet Free Zone Show™ on my YouTube Channel, released on the first and third Wednesday of every month. Each episode discusses another aspect of intuitive eating and breaking free of dieting. Check it out here and subscribe to my channel.


  • Private Facebook Support GroupThe Diet Free Zone™ with Bonnie R. Giller. Request to join for free here.


  • To Your Health e-Newsletter – published twice per month. To subscribe for free, send an email to and write “Subscribe me to your newsletter” in the Subject line.


I look forward to having you in my community. Please comment below and let me know how I can best support you.


The Stress and Food Cycle

Sad woman eating donutIn the previous article I listed many healthy ways to manage the stress in your life.  Notice I did not list “indulge in comfort food” or “treat yourself with food” as one of the healthy alternatives to stress.  Yet how many people use food as their “go to” cure for stress?  If this strikes a chord with you, you are not alone.

Food is a very common tool that some people use to try and mediate stress.  However, food as a “cure” typically provokes even more stress.  Comfort foods that people often turn to are laden with sugar and fat and are not the kind that makes you feel good when you finish it.  It is the type of food that is easy to overindulge in and become overfull, and full of guilt.  This behavior can be the cause of unwanted weight gain.  You then feel more stressed, engage in more mindless eating and experience more remorse.

You can break free of this vicious cycle by understanding the real reason you use food to deal with your stress and by incorporating 3 simple steps into your life.

Take the first step to self-discovery by tuning into my free mini-webinar 3 Simple Steps to Stop the Stress and the Weight Gain.  This webinar will give you an introduction to the strategies you need to combat stress, as well as insight into how to best avoid the stress all-together.

Just click here for instant access to this webinar and let me help you break free from this cycle!

Your turn to take action: Do you turn to food when feeling stressed, overwhelmed or emotional?  What action will you take next time you are feeling this way instead of eating?  Please share in the comments below.