Mastering Intuitive Eating

My client, Amanda, who is working with me on intuitive eating, walked into my office, sat down and starting crying. Once she was able to stop crying, she told me how she recently had a breast cancer scare. Her doctor called her and told her she needed to go for a second mammogram, they “saw” something on the first one. After the mammogram, a biopsy needed to be done. The results came back as benign, and she was crying of happiness.


What a sigh of relief.


Now, her focus shifted back to taking care of herself since in the 2 weeks prior while she was going through what seemed like torture and waiting for results, she found herself soothing herself with comfort foods.


Isn’t it crazy how life often throws you curveballs? They come with no warning and can sweep you off your feet.


These curve balls can often make it difficult for you to stay focused on your intuitive eating journey. You may come face-to-face with various obstacles you don’t expect, and feel like you have no support, even when you need it the most.


In theory, you should be able to use the techniques you learned throughout your journey, but training is one thing; practice, support and accountability is another. It can be extremely beneficial to continue to have support while you start integrating your intuitive eating training into your daily life.


This is where my new membership program Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle can play a role. This program will provide you with the support and accountability you need while you embark on integrating your intuitive eating practice into your daily life. You will have my support as well as the support of a group of wonderful women who are all on the same journey.


With this membership program, we meet twice every month for live, small group coaching calls on the phone and during open office hours in our private Facebook group. During these calls and during open office hours, we work through any lingering diet mentalities you may have, bust through your limiting beliefs and, most importantly, deal with challenging times in your life without falling back to using food to cope.


The best part of this Mastery Circle is that what we focus on and discuss depends on YOU. Whatever obstacle you may face or struggle you may have, you can ask me and your new family for support and we can help you through it. You will always have someone on your side.


Head on over to for all the details and to get started right away. Register by midnight Eastern on Wednesday September 13th and SAVE 50%.


If you have any questions about the program, please email me at so I can help you and see if this program is a right fit for you.


I look forward to seeing you in our Mastery Circle!

Sabotage Comes in Many Forms

Have you found on your journey to a life of no more dieting that you have combated some saboteurs along the way?  The answer is probably yes.  I want to address some of the less obvious saboteurs that can derail your efforts, and offer suggestions for how to stay on course despite distractions that try and take you off.

Here are some common saboteurs and tips on how to deal with them:

Family: Whether it is your spouse, your child or a parent, while they certainly love you, they may be the most difficult challenge that gets in your way of being healthy.  Loved ones might say hurtful things like, “You’re on another diet?  Why will this work when the other’s haven’t?”  It is easy to doubt yourself when you hear criticism like this coming from one you love, but it is important to remember this is your journey and you must protect your personal space by not letting them make these comments.  In a polite manner, let them know that they are not allowed to make comments about your body or food.  Stay true to yourself.

Friends: They make us laugh and smile, but friends can be foes when it comes to health.  Whether you’re still in high school or are far removed from it, peer pressure can still kick in when hanging out with friends who want you to eat differently than the way you want to.  Or perhaps they are jealous of your success and say nasty things because it is hard for them to see you succeed when they feel they aren’t.  So they offer you a food you’ve already turned down.  How do you handle it?  Thank them and redirect the offer to a food you prefer and stay consistent in saying no each time they offer.

Time: It is not a person or even something you can hold in your hand, but time can be one of the hardest parts of a healthy lifestyle.  Behavior modification may involve restructuring your schedule so you can make more time for meal preparation and exercise.  The time you make to be healthy may extend your lifetime.  So while you may feel like time is never on your side, sitting down and reevaluating your schedule may give you more time than you think.  Find out where time is being wasted and replace it with healthy behaviors.

Media: Whether it’s social media, commercials, television or movies, we are constantly looking at fictional images that do not do justice to what it really means to look and live healthy.  Being a fan of media outlets like television shows, movies and magazines can be a source of relaxation and help you de-stress, but separate them from influencing the way you view your body and your lifestyle.  Remember the way you look and the life you lead is yours to be happy with, and it’s best not to compare yourself to your favorite celebrity.

While these saboteurs are all very real aspects of your daily life, they can be tackled in a constructive way that keeps you on the path to a body you love without dieting!

Your turn to take action:  What or who are some other saboteurs that have made you feel bad about your journey or knocked you off course?