Handling Life’s Twists and Turns

Life happens. Twists and turns appear out of nowhere and even as an intuitive eater, you may lose focus for a bit.


The truth is that no matter where you are on your intuitive eating journey, stressful life events are bound to occur. It’s okay to feel stressed or anxious, but you don’t want to lose yourself to life’s surprises. I encourage you to stay focused on your big WHY to keep you pushing through the obstacles.


When you feel life weighing you down, you may feel inclined to turn to food… But food is meant to nourish you, not be used as your crutch. There are other things you can do to help you handle life’s twists and turns that don’t involve food. I’m here today to help you find out what those other things are (and they are often different for everyone).


I will turn the question around on you for a moment. “What can you do to keep moving forward when life throws you curveballs?”


Before you answer that, I want you to really focus on WHY you are on the intuitive eating journey. As you feel like you are falling apart, ask yourself the reason you embarked on your intuitive eating journey. Was it to feel better in your body? Was it to be a good role model for your kids? Was it to stop the diet madness?


Chances are your “why” still resonates somewhere within you, even on your darkest days. Let this motivate you. Some days are easier than others but if you keep your “why” in focus, you can navigate the bumps along the way. Instead of letting the tough times discourage you from working to better your health and yourself, use mindfulness to clear your head space and find peace within yourself.


Here are 3 things you can do to help you handle life’s twists and turns:


1. Prioritize your own needs. Make every day the best it can be by prioritizing your own needs. That may mean making a list of goals, tasks to tackle, or fresh produce to pick up from the grocery store. Each step in the right direction is an important one.


You can make the most of each day by scheduling time for your own needs into your daily routine. There is a time for work, a time for taking care of the needs of others, and a time to care for yourself. This includes time to sit down for meals and to be engaged, mindful and do nothing but focus on your food.


2. Take time to unwind each day. This can be movement you enjoy, taking a bath, catching the newest episode of your favorite TV show, or talking with a friend. Remember that you do not have to navigate alone. At times life is too much to balance on your own so reach out to friends, coworkers, family, and loved ones for support when you need it. By letting go of pent up emotions, you will be clearing your mind and allowing more room for mindfulness.


You may be thinking “but I don’t have TIME to relax.” Trust me, I know the feeling. With busy schedules, sometimes it may feel like there is just no time to unwind. Even just taking 15 minutes to vent to a friend or to decompress your thoughts onto paper will benefit your day and your overall goals.


3. Write down your motivation. Instead of making excuses as to why you cannot do this or that, put that energy towards focusing on the reasons you embarked on your intuitive eating journey. Write down your motivation and the messages your body is sending you. You will gain clarity and feel motivated to continue along your journey.


The truth is, life comes at you fast. You cannot go back in time but you can make the most of your present and future. Honing in on your intuitive eating and mindfulness will help you navigate through life’s obstacles and keep you on track to being the best version of yourself.


Always remember, when you are feeling low, there is nowhere to go but up! If you keep your focus and mindfulness, you will find inner peace on even your worst days.


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Mastering Intuitive Eating

My client, Amanda, who is working with me on intuitive eating, walked into my office, sat down and starting crying. Once she was able to stop crying, she told me how she recently had a breast cancer scare. Her doctor called her and told her she needed to go for a second mammogram, they “saw” something on the first one. After the mammogram, a biopsy needed to be done. The results came back as benign, and she was crying of happiness.


What a sigh of relief.


Now, her focus shifted back to taking care of herself since in the 2 weeks prior while she was going through what seemed like torture and waiting for results, she found herself soothing herself with comfort foods.


Isn’t it crazy how life often throws you curveballs? They come with no warning and can sweep you off your feet.


These curve balls can often make it difficult for you to stay focused on your intuitive eating journey. You may come face-to-face with various obstacles you don’t expect, and feel like you have no support, even when you need it the most.


In theory, you should be able to use the techniques you learned throughout your journey, but training is one thing; practice, support and accountability is another. It can be extremely beneficial to continue to have support while you start integrating your intuitive eating training into your daily life.


This is where my new membership program Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle can play a role. This program will provide you with the support and accountability you need while you embark on integrating your intuitive eating practice into your daily life. You will have my support as well as the support of a group of wonderful women who are all on the same journey.


With this membership program, we meet twice every month for live, small group coaching calls on the phone and during open office hours in our private Facebook group. During these calls and during open office hours, we work through any lingering diet mentalities you may have, bust through your limiting beliefs and, most importantly, deal with challenging times in your life without falling back to using food to cope.


The best part of this Mastery Circle is that what we focus on and discuss depends on YOU. Whatever obstacle you may face or struggle you may have, you can ask me and your new family for support and we can help you through it. You will always have someone on your side.


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If you have any questions about the program, please email me at so I can help you and see if this program is a right fit for you.


I look forward to seeing you in our Mastery Circle!

Family and Food…Roadblocks to Success?

Roadblock breakthroughIt is a time of year for family.  While that should mean love and gratefulness to be with loved ones during the holidays, family time can often bring about a lot of stress.  Along with the stress come plates, upon platters, upon trays of traditional holiday foods that are served.  Between these two things, it can make the mindful eater want to hop a ride to the North Pole and wait out the food and stress storm until New Year’s Day.

First I want to address the food traditions that come with the holidays.  You made it through Thanksgiving with flying colors, and you are still here working on moving forward on your intuitive eating journey.  Please take a moment to take pride in that and tell yourself “good job”.

I know you don’t want to fear the holidays and the “once a year” foods it may bring.  Remember to exercise your ability to enjoy the flavors you wait for all year, and savor each bite.  Most of the foods surrounding you during the holidays can be associated with a memory.  Let that memory have its moment as you practice your mindful eating techniques.    It will both warm your heart and tingle your taste buds.

We all know that family, on a normal day, can be a difficult roadblock on your healthy eating path, but during the holidays, the number of family members critiquing your body and your food choices seem to multiply.  You don’t want to let that stress get the better of you and lead you into making choices that you don’t want to make.  I’ve mentioned before, while support is a wonderful thing, this is your journey, not anyone else’s.  Perhaps take this opportunity to educate them on how this lifestyle has helped you.  Who knows, they might want to know more about it so they can begin their own journey!

An obstacle you might face is a family member or host making you feel bad if you don’t partake in enough of the food they made.  This might be your grandmother who worked hours cooking and baking and doesn’t understand why you don’t want a bigger slice of her famous pie.  Or, another family member telling you to, “Eat more! It’s the holidays!”

Remember, how much food you eat and what you choose to eat does not equate to the love you feel for your family or the person who prepared the food.  Explain to them that you love them, and you love their food, but that is all you want to eat.  Having this confidence and ability to stay true to your decisions about food empowers you and will be another victory on your road to a body you love.

This is a great time of year and it does not have to throw you off because of the stress that family can bring.  At the end of the day, your family truly wants to see you happy.  If you are confident in yourself and what you have accomplished so far, you are sure to have an awesome 2014.

Your turn to take action: What is a family food stress you typically encounter during the holiday season?