There’s No Perfection in Intuitive Eating

One of my favorite motto’s is “There is no perfection in intuitive eating”. My clients can recite this in their sleep, they hear me saying it THAT often!


As a past dieter, you’ve likely fallen into the perfection trap. You have to follow your diet just perfectly, or else you’ve “cheated”, you’ve “fallen off track”, you’ve “messed up” or you’ve “failed again”. This is a tough way to live, with the “perfection cloud” hovering over your head at all times.


Honestly, there are so many ups and downs in life, it’s just not possible to be perfect. Nor, is it necessary. Striving for perfection only leads you to feeling like a failure when you cannot meet that impossible standard you set for yourself.


In intuitive eating, we don’t strive for perfection. The journey towards reclaiming your ability to listen to your inner body wisdom is a process where you learn a lot about yourself and you grow in so many ways. What you used to view as a “setback” in your dieting days you now view as a learning opportunity. This is a much more gentle, kind, compassionate approach.


Let me share an example with you.


My son and daughter in law went away on vacation and my young grandsons (ages 5 and 2 ½) were staying with me for a few days. Oh how I love those little boys!! But I will tell you that as little boys go, they are very active and kept me on my toes! I found that my schedule of eating and my choice of foods was out of my routine because I was tending to the boys as they were my top priority.


If I was still a dieter who worried about every morsel of food I ate, I probably would have freaked out that I couldn’t follow my “plan” (aka diet). But since I am no longer tied to diets, good and bad foods and harsh self-talk, I was able to go with the flow. No guilt, no freak-outs and no regret. And now that they boys have left, I am back to my routine and feel great.


Life is too short to worry about the little things. And food worry is one of those little things.


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Your turn to take action: What will you do today to rid yourself of the idea that you have to be perfect? Let me know in the comments below.




Diet Chatter at the Hair Salon

Bonnie Hair SalonIt’s interesting the conversations you overhear in the hair salon!


Yesterday, I was at the salon getting my hair done. As I was sitting minding my own business reading some notes in preparation for an interview later in the day (as a side note, I was interviewed for a telesummit, more on that in the next week or so), I overheard a few women talking.


What do you think the conversation was about?


Well, when a bunch of women get together, the chatter is usually about the latest diet they are on. One woman was following Atkins, the other cut out all carbs but isn’t “quite doing Atkins”, yet a third is on a liquid diet.


My hairdresser, knowing what I do for a living, said to me “Bonnie, you aren’t going to like this, but I have cut out all carbs and breads. I just can’t figure out how to limit it”. She went on to tell me about her experience with Cheese-its. As much as she tries to limit to a serving, she wipes out the box in a day, okay, maybe 2 she says if she really has “willpower”.


Ugh, there’s that word again…WILLPOWER!


Listen up! It’s not about willpower. Willpower is you trying to get yourself to do something that you don’t want to do. You might be able to hold off for a few days, heck maybe even a few weeks, but then it gets you!


Another woman commented that her friend told her that she noticed when she eats slower, she gets fuller faster and is more satisfied.


BINGO! That woman got it!


By engaging in mindful eating and tuning into your inner signals of hunger and satiety, you can trust your body to tell you when you’ve had enough to eat. And, you can eat a serving of Cheese-its and stop.


Intuitive eating is a process. It takes time to learn. But, what’s your rush?


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Say NO to Diets in 2015

We are in the midst of the holiday season and I hope you are enjoying your time with family and friends in a mindful way. The music, decorations, lights, foods…what a wonderful time of year. My daughter told me the other day how she loves that the T.V. shows she likes to watch have a holiday theme…it makes her feel all cuddly and warm.


But as you celebrate the holidays, are you wondering about your next steps in 2015 in terms of your health and weight loss goals?


I’m sure you are being bombarded with diet commercials and advertisements on television, radio, magazines, newspapers and the internet. You may even be contemplating which diet to start on January 1st.


Let me make it easy for you.


Say NO to Diets in 2015!!


I feel like screaming this from the rooftops. I want to save the you time, energy and PAIN of starting another diet to just find yourself falling off that diet when you have a trigger and you can’t “follow” what the diet tells you to.


You know what I mean. I won’t belabor the point.


So, here is what I am going to do for you. I want to support  you on the path towards reclaiming what lies deep within you, and that is being an intuitive eater.  To that end, I am offering you a Free Say NO to Diets in 2015 Discovery Session.


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Say NO to Diets in 2015 Discovery Session


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