Trash the Scale

This week’s Intuitive Eating Wednesday Question comes from Kay, a woman who has been working on overcoming emotional eating. I received an email from her that said the following:


“Sometimes eating healthy is easy. But sometimes eating healthy and losing weight feels like a struggle. I had to stop weighing myself recently. The scale was showing that I am going up and down around a pound per day.  I was getting worried, and it seemed like all of a sudden, I was struggling more (emotionally.)


This early morning, I went out to the backyard to water my lawn on my watering day, and my pajama bottoms almost fell off me. I wanted to go back inside and weigh. But if I did, and the scale didn’t show less, I knew that I would be upset.  How can I give up worries about how much I weigh?


This is such a great question and I know it’s something you are thinking as well. As a chronic dieter, you’ve used the scale to measure your success. Each day you’d get on the scale to see how you did the day before and to determine your plan of action for the day ahead. And, if we are being real, you probably go on the scale more than one time per day.


Let’s look at a few scenarios.


Scenario #1: You get on the scale in the morning and the number is a “good” number. Your mood for the day is happy.


Scenario #2: You get on the scale in the morning and the number is a “bad” number. Your mood for the day is depressed, even angry.


Both scenarios can trigger overeating, whether it be celebration eating (“I lost weight, I can have a treat”) or consolation eating (“I was so good and didn’t lose any weight. Why bother trying”.)


Other self-talk around the result of your morning weigh-in might sound like:

“I ate horribly yesterday, and I still lost weight. Thank goodness, I don’t have to starve today”.

“I only lost ¼ pound, it wasn’t worth it”.


This self-talk is the talk of a dieter. Without a doubt, weighing yourself keeps you in diet mentality. It fuels the body worry>food worry vicious cycle of emotional eating and dieting. If you truly want to be break free of this cycle, you must start with throwing away the scale.


Do you let the scale dictate your mood? Are you ready to throw it away?


Watch this video (click image) as I discuss this topic further and comment below with your commitment to stop weighing yourself.









Protecting Yourself Against New Year’s Diet Talk

New-years-resolution-writing-with-a-red-pen-in-a-calandarYou have made the commitment to never diet again. Yay you!! The only problem you are facing now is the constant bombardment of the media with THE way for you to finally lose your excess weight now that the New Year is approaching.


All this diet talk sends chills up my spine. Actually it makes me downright mad. I am really so tired of hearing about the next miracle diet to hit the market.


You know why I am so mad about it?


Because it’s the innocent, decent people like you that get hurt. It is so easy to get sucked into the amazing claims these diets tout, why wouldn’t you say “let me try it, this will be THE one.”


But sadly, it isn’t so. Not too soon after January 1st you will be throwing in the towel on this diet too.


So the question is, how do you deal with the media and how do you deal with your girlfriends who are getting ready to embark on a new diet come January 1st?


Here’s how:

  • Recommit to your diet-free way of life. Remind yourself why you began your intuitive eating journey. Then every time another commercial hits the airwaves, an email pops up in your inbox or your friend chews your ear off with the new diet she is on, quietly repeat this mantra to yourself “I have committed to a diet-free life. I rock!”


  • Unsubscribe from all diet-related email subscriptions, or magazines that advertise the latest diets and “here’s how to lose the baby weight fast” articles.


  • Find a buddy to join you on your diet-free journey. Not sure where to find one? Join us in the Diet Free Radiant Me™ online community where there are hundreds of others who are breaking free of diets!


I’m keeping this blog short, sweet and to the point.


1.Commit to your diet-free lifestyle and learning to practice intuitive eating.


2.Close your eyes and ears to others who talk diets.


3.Get the right support for your journey.


Your turn to take action: How does all this end of year/New Year diet talk make YOU feel? What action will you do to stay free and clear of the diet industry vultures?



The 3 Biggest Mistakes that Keep You Yo-Yo Dieting

Freedom+TWITTER-1Are you tired of jumping from diet to diet without seeing the weight loss you are hoping for?


Do you find yourself frustrated and wondering any of the following…


“It is so hard to stick to my diet. I always feel deprived of my favorite foods and end up giving in to them”


“I am following the diet rules but am not reaching my weight loss goals”


“What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I succeed in losing weight?”


I will answer these questions and all your dieting frustrations with the same response.


Dieting will not give you long term success in losing weight. That’s right, if you want to lose weight and keep it off forever, no diet will help you.


If you want to experience long term weight loss and a healthy body you love, it is time to ditch the diets for good.


Here are the 3 biggest mistakes that keep you yo-yo dieting without achieving the body you love.


Mistake #3: You are stuck in a diet mentality.

Diets can be very tempting as they promise to help you see results quickly or with a magical ingredient that helps you lose weight without even trying. If you are looking to achieve long term results and a body you love, you must escape the diet mindset and the lists of foods which you can and cannot eat.


Mistake #2: You put your self-care on the back burner.

In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day responsibilities, do you often forget to take the time to care for yourself? Do you feel guilty if you do take care of your own needs? If you want to make peace with food and learn to tune into your natural hunger and satiety signals, you must care for yourself and that means scheduling personal time for yourself every day.


Mistake #1: You do not trust your inner wisdom; instead you are listening to what the diets tell you to do.

The bottom line is that if you are following a diet you are not listening to what your body is trying to tell you. A diet tells you what to eat, how much to eat, even when to eat. I have a secret to share with you… if you are listening, your body will tell you all these things. The key is trusting your body’s inner wisdom instead of relying on a diet.

How can you stop making these 3 big mistakes that keep you yo-yo dieting?


Freedom to Eat Forever is designed to help you shift your mindset so you can trust your inner wisdom as your guide to eating. It is time for you to start enjoying a diet-free life so you can achieve the body you love, forever.


Hear what others have to save about Freedom to Eat Forever and how you can enjoy this same freedom from dieting and food worry



Top 5 Dieting Mistakes are NOT the Real Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

Fruit-Measuring tape on scale plateEvery morning I check my email before I start seeing clients. And, without fail, there are at least 2, if not more, emails promoting some “diet miracle”.


Here are some recent examples:


– Rachael’s Guarantee – Down 2 Sizes by Valentine’s Day. Free Trial.

– Oprah’s Quick, Easy Way to Get Thinner in 4 Weeks. Free Shipping.

– Dr. Oz Promise – 7lbs Thinner by Valentine’s Day. No Shipping

– Oprah shares her step-by-step diet for dropping 15lbs in 2 weeks

– Get Skinny Now – Shed Pounds Fast without Diet and Exercise


Ugh! It makes me downright furious that these types of emails with tantalizing subject lines will end up in the inboxes of those chronic dieters who are willing to try anything to get the weight off.


Especially when celebrities and celebrity doctors put their name on these products that can bring more harm than good to innocent people.


Shame on them, and shame on the diet industry.


In my years of counseling clients in weight loss, I have discovered that there are many mistakes that people who are struggling to lose weight make on a daily basis.


Let me share some of them below:


  1. Skipping meals (particularly breakfast)
  2. Not getting enough sleep
  3. Restricting calories during the day and overeating at night
  4. Not balancing your meals
  5. Going too long in between eating


Now while these are definitely mistakes that might be holding you back from achieving lifelong weight loss, I believe that for the majority of chronic dieters, they are not the REAL reasons.


I have discovered the 3 biggest mistakes that people make that keep them yo-yo dieting and they have nothing to do with food.


Join me for a FREE webinar on February 17, “The 3 Biggest Mistakes that Keep You Yo-Yo Dieting Without Achieving the Body You Love” where I will reveal these 3 big mistakes and what you could do now to finally get off the diet roller coaster. Register for this free training HERE.



The Fear of Letting Go of Dieting

As you embark on your intuitive eating journey, it’s most important to move away from dieting. Yet, the idea of not dieting might be scary for you, right?


I talk about this very topic in this week’s The Diet Free Zone Show™ on YouTube.


Click the image below to watch now.


The Fear of Letting Go Image






Leave a comment below on what is YOUR biggest fear about giving up dieting.


Are You Married to the Scale?

Scale-married-divorcedLife as a chronic dieter is plagued with ups and downs, weight loss and weight gain. You want to find that one diet that works better than the rest, which will finally give you what you want, a new body. Well, a diet is not going to get you there. As you may realize by now you usually gain the weight back and then some, leaving you feeling sad, depressed and like a failure.


When you start a diet, do you set a goal as to how many pounds you want to lose? And, each week, or if we are really being honest here, each day you jump on the scale to see how much weight you lost. What happens when the number isn’t exactly what you had hoped for? It probably affects your mood and sets the tone for the rest of the day.


Why do you do this to yourself? Why do you let yourself be defined by a number? Are you married to the scale??


I encourage my clients who are on the journey to becoming an intuitive eater to put the weight loss and numbers game on the back burner for a while. Let’s not focus on the numbers. I recognize this is a very difficult thing to do since for all your years of dieting and being on formal weight loss diets where you would go to weekly meetings, you would also have weekly weigh-ins. I understand that up until now, the scale has been the only way you have measured your success.


Well that hasn’t worked, has it?


So, let’s try something different. Focus on being mindful in your eating, listening to your internal signals of hunger and satiety and make the best food choices for yourself that you can make. You will see that in time, weight loss will happen, without you even realizing it. The pants will become baggy, the skirt will be falling off, and the shirt will be swimming on you.  Visualize this happening as part of the natural process of trusting your inner instincts and wisdom.


It’s time to divorce the scale!


Okay, I realize that this sounds nice and all but is likely difficult for you to do. You need assistance. You need support. You need encouragement. And, I am here for you if you want me to be.


If you are seriously interested in learning how to lose the excess weight you are carrying around without focusing on the scale, just click here and request a FREE session with me. We will get on the phone and see the best way to move you forward.


Your turn to take action: It’s time to move beyond the dreaded scale. Get the support you need by clicking here.