New Year, More Mindfulness

Whenever the New Year nears, it’s all about “New Year, New Me”.  The “new me” is usually associated with joining the gym and going on a crash diet, all to lose a few pounds.  Instead of starting your New Year off with enjoyment and ready to tackle what comes your way, you’re starting it off with food restrictions and stress about going to the gym and “needing” to lose the weight.


Why do you associate the New Year with weight loss?


Let’s try something different this New Year and reframe your thought process.  Change your “New Year, New Me” mentality into “New Year, More Mindfulness”.  By taking a step back from focusing solely on weight loss and what your body looks like, you’ll develop a greater appreciation for what your body is capable of and what it needs to be its best.


Here are 5 tips on how to, or continue to, be mindful in the New Year:


  1. Recommit to your diet-free journey. Remind yourself why you began your intuitive eating journey, or are planning to begin it. Then every time another commercial hits the airwaves, an email pops up in your inbox or your friend chews your ear off with the new diet she is on, quietly repeat this mantra to yourself “I have committed to a diet-free life. I rock!”


  1. State your New Year intention. Set a clear intention about what you want to experience in 2017 and what steps you will take to reach your goals. Write down your big intention and keep it in a visible spot around your home.  Reflect back on it throughout the year when you need a reminder about what you want to accomplish by 2018!!


  1. Listen to your body. Instead of focusing on the weight you “need” to lose and restricting your favorite foods, focus on listening to your body. What is your body trying to tell you?  Does it want you to stop dieting?  Does it want you to feed it nourishing meals?  By taking the time to listen to your body, you’ll develop a stronger relationship with it and you’ll learn to love your body.


  1. Practice moderation, not deprivation. You may feel like you need to deprive yourself to avoid weight gain, but that’s not true. When you deprive yourself, the backlash is overeating and bingeing.  If you take the time to listen to your body and savor each bite, you’ll find you are satisfied with smaller portions.


  1. Avoid celebrating with food. Whenever something good happens in life, birthday, promotion, anniversary, etc., going out to eat is the common way to celebrate. But, if you’re struggling with your relationship with food, this can be a difficult time.  Instead of going out to eat to celebrate an occasion, find another way to celebrate that makes you feel comfortable and happy,


By becoming more mindful of your body and what your body needs, you’ll be able to give your body what it wants.  With mindfulness, you’ll learn to become an intuitive eater.  You’ll be able to avoid overeating, feeding your emotions and loving your body once again.


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Your Personal Year in Review

Around this time at the start of the New Year, you often see lists coming out reviewing everything that has happened in the past 365 days.  Whether they are best and worst of fashion, a list that chronicles important moments in the news or other media outlets, it is a nice way to take stock of everything that has happened, which shaped 2013.  While this tactic might provide you with entertainment, it can be an incredibly useful tactic for you to employ on your own intuitive and mindful eating journey.

Something else you usually see around this time of year is people making a long list of resolutions, on ways they want to “be better” or “improve” in the New Year.  While it’s always good to set goals, I would rather you celebrate all the ways you have already improved while being on this journey.  Starting the year focusing on where you believed you fell short is no way to start off feeling successful.  It brings you right back to a diet mentality.  That mindset is not going to breed success.

Instead I would like you to focus more on the “Year in Review” concept and less on the resolutions concept.   Here are some ways you can go about making your list:

  • Your best moments: This should be what you start with.  Focus on all those moments you honored your hunger, respected your fullness, allowed yourself to eat something that you loved guilt-free because you know no food is off limits.  Celebrate those moments that would have been so different had you been living the life of a dieter and remember how you are on the right track to a healthy, mindful lifestyle.


  • Moments you would have changed: Mistakes happen.  There will always be a time where you could have handled a situation differently.  But mistakes are great when you learn from them.  Mistakes make you better when you recognize them so don’t feel ashamed when putting them in your “Year in Review”!  Be proud that you made the decision to get learn and improve.
  • Moments that surprised you:  Maybe it was the first time you ate a bagel and didn’t feel guilty.  Maybe it was that week you exercised 5 times and it wasn’t even difficult.  Whatever things you did that you never thought you could, should absolutely be celebrated.


  • Moments you feared food but it turned out alright: Maybe it was this holiday season, or perhaps the summer when it was difficult because you had a lot of barbecues and pool parties.  Whatever occasions made you apprehensive about food, it is important you note how you came through them successfully to remind yourself of what you accomplished.


  • Things you’re most proud of: This might involve you repeating some of your best moments, but that’s OK!  Celebrating the positive aspects of a year is a much more productive way to approach a New Year with a great energy and motivation for even more success.

Congratulations on making the commitment to live a healthier lifestyle through intuitive and mindful eating.  By reading my blog and even making small steps towards change, you are doing something great for your health.

I look forward to 2014 and hope it is a great year for you!

Your turn to take action: Please share “Year in Review” with me in the comments below!  I’d love to hear more about your 2013 and plans for 2014.