Protecting Yourself Against New Year’s Diet Talk

New-years-resolution-writing-with-a-red-pen-in-a-calandarYou have made the commitment to never diet again. Yay you!! The only problem you are facing now is the constant bombardment of the media with THE way for you to finally lose your excess weight now that the New Year is approaching.


All this diet talk sends chills up my spine. Actually it makes me downright mad. I am really so tired of hearing about the next miracle diet to hit the market.


You know why I am so mad about it?


Because it’s the innocent, decent people like you that get hurt. It is so easy to get sucked into the amazing claims these diets tout, why wouldn’t you say “let me try it, this will be THE one.”


But sadly, it isn’t so. Not too soon after January 1st you will be throwing in the towel on this diet too.


So the question is, how do you deal with the media and how do you deal with your girlfriends who are getting ready to embark on a new diet come January 1st?


Here’s how:

  • Recommit to your diet-free way of life. Remind yourself why you began your intuitive eating journey. Then every time another commercial hits the airwaves, an email pops up in your inbox or your friend chews your ear off with the new diet she is on, quietly repeat this mantra to yourself “I have committed to a diet-free life. I rock!”


  • Unsubscribe from all diet-related email subscriptions, or magazines that advertise the latest diets and “here’s how to lose the baby weight fast” articles.


  • Find a buddy to join you on your diet-free journey. Not sure where to find one? Join us in the Diet Free Radiant Me™ online community where there are hundreds of others who are breaking free of diets!


I’m keeping this blog short, sweet and to the point.


1.Commit to your diet-free lifestyle and learning to practice intuitive eating.


2.Close your eyes and ears to others who talk diets.


3.Get the right support for your journey.


Your turn to take action: How does all this end of year/New Year diet talk make YOU feel? What action will you do to stay free and clear of the diet industry vultures?



Dieting – a Creature of Habit

Insanity imageI was meeting with a client yesterday. We were speaking about making behavioral changes. For the purpose of this blog, it doesn’t matter what behaviors we were actually speaking about. What does matter was the “aha” moment she had from this discussion.


Change by definition is “to make or become different”, or “the act of making or becoming different.”


My client, let’s call her Lisa, was resisting change. She was engaging in the same behaviors for months, yet was wondering why she wasn’t progressing forward on her intuitive eating journey. As she pondered this, she finally said “I am a creature of habit. Change is hard”.


Yes, change is hard. But what is important for you to understand is if those same behaviors you have been doing for years have not gotten you the results you wanted, then nothing is going to change. You cannot continue doing the same things and expect different results.


If you have tried to lose weight by the act of “dieting” and you haven’t been successful, then it’s time to recognize that you need a change. You need to acknowledge that dieting is not and never will be the answer to long lasting weight loss.


It’s comfortable to diet. Well, okay, I don’t really mean it’s comfortable by the actual definition of comfortable (definition: being in a state of physical or mental comfort).  I don’t think anyone in their right mind would say that food restriction, feelings of deprivation and guilt is actually comfortable.


What I mean is its familiar to you. You know what to expect, it’s safe for you. There are no surprises (well with some diets, there might be some undesirable surprises like hair loss, constipation and irritability.)


So, why is it so hard to give it up?


Because you will be moving into unchartered territory. You will be embarking on a journey that you have never been on before, and you don’t know what to expect. So sometimes it’s just easier not to jump.


But today is the day. Today is the day that you leave diets behind and vow to learn a better way. Today is the day that you realize that change will not happen unless you become just a little uncomfortable in order to change your future.


You are not alone. I am here for you. And, I have put together a community of women who are venturing into this unknown territory just like you.


Come join us in the Diet Free Radiant Me™ Online Community. It is a free private online community where you will learn a new way of living and where you will get the support and comradery you desire.


Your turn to take action: Click HERE to join our Diet Free Radiant Me™ Online Community.


There’s No “Throwing in the Towel” in Intuitive Eating

Shocked WomanIf you are a chronic dieter, then more than likely you have “thrown in the towel” quite a few times.


A new diet comes to market. It’s exciting, this will be the one. You start the diet and things are going well. But then you had a bad day at work, you went on vacation or you had a fight with your boyfriend. Or, you get on the scale on weigh-in day and it hasn’t budged.


Either way, you ended up in the pint of ice cream saying to yourself “forget it, what does it matter anyway”.


You have just “thrown in the towel” from another diet. When will this end?


I’ll tell you when!  When you finally realize that diets are not working for you. Never have, never will. When you decide that to give up dieting, you need another path. And, you have discovered intuitive eating is that path.


Okay, so let’s talk about this. You start working with me to learn how to reclaim being an intuitive eater (I say “reclaim” because let me remind you that you were born an intuitive eater). And you immediately are having major “aha” moments. Wow, you are discovering things about yourself, your past, your beliefs that you never realized impacted your relationship with food.


This is great! You laugh, you cry, all from a good place of finally moving forward.


Then it happens. You disappear, stop showing up for your appointments and stop returning emails and phone calls.


What is going on?


More than likely, an old familiar trigger has popped up and you haven’t yet learned how to handle it. So, you fall back into past overeating habits. Now you feel bad, embarrassed and say to yourself “you see, this won’t work either”. And, you throw in the towel.


Please listen up! What I’m about to say requires capital letters.






Intuitive eating is a learning experience. It’s a process of ups and downs. Whatever trigger has thrown you “for a loop”, let’s learn from it. Don’t let it take you back to a place that you DON”T want to be….back to the land of dieting!


If this sounds like you, I care about you and I am here to help you.


Reach out and ask for help. There’s no shame in that. It’s something to be proud of.


Click here to send me an SOS email.

Diet Chatter at the Hair Salon

Bonnie Hair SalonIt’s interesting the conversations you overhear in the hair salon!


Yesterday, I was at the salon getting my hair done. As I was sitting minding my own business reading some notes in preparation for an interview later in the day (as a side note, I was interviewed for a telesummit, more on that in the next week or so), I overheard a few women talking.


What do you think the conversation was about?


Well, when a bunch of women get together, the chatter is usually about the latest diet they are on. One woman was following Atkins, the other cut out all carbs but isn’t “quite doing Atkins”, yet a third is on a liquid diet.


My hairdresser, knowing what I do for a living, said to me “Bonnie, you aren’t going to like this, but I have cut out all carbs and breads. I just can’t figure out how to limit it”. She went on to tell me about her experience with Cheese-its. As much as she tries to limit to a serving, she wipes out the box in a day, okay, maybe 2 she says if she really has “willpower”.


Ugh, there’s that word again…WILLPOWER!


Listen up! It’s not about willpower. Willpower is you trying to get yourself to do something that you don’t want to do. You might be able to hold off for a few days, heck maybe even a few weeks, but then it gets you!


Another woman commented that her friend told her that she noticed when she eats slower, she gets fuller faster and is more satisfied.


BINGO! That woman got it!


By engaging in mindful eating and tuning into your inner signals of hunger and satiety, you can trust your body to tell you when you’ve had enough to eat. And, you can eat a serving of Cheese-its and stop.


Intuitive eating is a process. It takes time to learn. But, what’s your rush?


If you need help getting started on your path towards intuitive eating, don’t’ be shy. Reach out to me here.



Willpower is a Dieter’s Word

How many times have you used the word “willpower” when you’ve been on a diet? “I wish I had more willpower not to eat the cake”. “Why can’t I just have the willpower to say NO?” I am NOT going to eat the chocolate, no, no, no! I must have the willpower!”


How has this strategy of willpower worked for you?


I bet it’s worked for a short time, but inevitably when you try to “will” yourself to not eat something that you really would love to eat, you break down and eat it. The only problem now is that you just don’t have one piece of cake or chocolate, you have many.


There is no place in intuitive eating for the word “willpower”.


I explain more in the video below. Just click and watch. Then post your comments below the video and/or right back here.









Are You a Yo-Yo Dieter? Find out now!

It’s the same story with every diet you start: “this time it’s going to work, this time I’m going to be stronger, this time I’m going to stay committed”.  However, the unfortunate truth of dieting is that it will never help you achieve your long term weight loss goals.  In fact, statistics show that 46% of people who make a weight loss resolution never make it past 6 months.  So, if dieting doesn’t work you may be wondering how you will ever reach your weight loss goals.  The key for weight loss success is not to follow a diet, but rather to understand what is really sabotaging your weight loss.
Here are two questions you need to answer to get started:


Question #1: Am I a Yo-Yo Dieter?

Yo-yo dieting is a term you are likely familiar with.  It is a process that results in what is commonly known as weight cycling and it involves going on and off diets and constantly losing and regaining weight along the way.  You may be thinking that yo-yo dieting is the perfect description of your life.  The cycle of yo-yo dieting is crippling mentally, emotionally and physically.  Not only does it lead to an emotional rollercoaster of successes and failures, but weight cycling has also been shown to impose adverse health effects.  Does this sound like you?  If it does, move on to question #2.


Question #2: Have I Hit Diet Bottom?

Hitting diet bottom happens when you simply do not have it in you to go on another diet.   You have hit diet bottom when you’ve been dieting your whole life and you no longer have the energy or inner strength to worry about the number on the scale, count any more calories or deprive yourself of foods that you love.  The negative emotions and feelings of guilt that come along with overeating are tormenting you and something that you cannot endure any longer.  Hitting diet bottom is the first step you need to catapult you into a diet-free life.

If you have succumbed to the yo-yo cycle of dieting for many years and still haven’t reached your weight loss goals, consider if you are at the point where you have hit diet bottom.  Figuring out for yourself if you are at this point takes self-reflection into your personal diet patterns and being honest with yourself as to how dieting has affected you throughout your life.  Then, and only then, can you move to the next step of discovering the biggest mistakes you’ve made at dieting.


To help you on this discovery journey, please accept my Hitting Diet Bottom Blueprint as my gift to you. Find out if you have hit diet bottom, and learn what you can do to end the yo-yo dieting cycle.

“Good” Foods and “Bad” Foods

Do you have a list of foods that you consider as “good” or “bad” to eat? How do you feel if you eat a food on your “good” list? What about on your “bad” list?


One of the first things I help my clients do is to get rid of the food lists. Foods should not be categorized into good and bad.


Why not?


Watch this week’s episode of The Diet Free Zone Show™ to learn more.


Then come back and comment: How you will discard your list of “good” and “bad” foods?


Click the image below to watch now.

Good Food Bad Food





Remember, come back here to comment!


The Fear of Letting Go of Dieting

As you embark on your intuitive eating journey, it’s most important to move away from dieting. Yet, the idea of not dieting might be scary for you, right?


I talk about this very topic in this week’s The Diet Free Zone Show™ on YouTube.


Click the image below to watch now.


The Fear of Letting Go Image






Leave a comment below on what is YOUR biggest fear about giving up dieting.


What Does it Feel Like to Eat Without “Food Worry”?

Woman eating pizzaFantastic, terrific, freeing, amazing….I could go on and on.


If you recently attended my free webinar, or watched the replay, you heard my story, the highlight of which (in my opinion) is that for many years I was “on” a “healthy meal plan” (notice the quotation marks) that I created for myself and “followed” diligently day in and day out. I never looked at this as a diet, until I discovered intuitive eating.


If you haven’t listened to my webinar, you can still catch it here for a few more days.


What I realized through my research and training in intuitive eating is that the “healthy meal plan” I was “following” was just another diet. There were definitely foods that I didn’t give myself permission to eat, and when I did eat them, even if it was a small piece, there was a tinge of food worry that came over me. That food worry led to body worry….would that bite of cake cause me to gain weight?


When I implemented the steps toward learning to be an intuitive eater into my life, I achieved a feeling of freedom. These are the steps I spoke of in my recent webinar.


Let me give you an example of how I no longer have this “food worry”.


The only beverages I drink throughout the day are water and a morning cup of coffee. I don’t drink any other beverages because I happen to love water and how it makes my body feel. Last night I sat down to eat dinner and I had my tall glass of water on the table. I saw the orange juice container (my son was having a glass of orange juice) and at that moment, my body said to me “Bonnie, have some orange juice”. I can’t remember the last time I had orange juice, or any juice for that matter. But yet there was a feeling that is hard to describe that my body just knew that a small glass of orange juice would be right for me at that moment.


I honored my body’s inner wisdom and had a glass of orange juice. It was delicious. I enjoyed every sip.


What’s the big deal about this story? Well, four years ago while I was still on my “healthy meal plan”, I would not have allowed myself to have that small glass of OJ. I would hear my inner voice saying “don’t drink your calories”, “juice will make you gain weight”, etc….


But not last night! The only inner voice that I heard was the voice of nurturer, saying “yes, Bonnie, honor what your body is telling you”. And, that small glass filled my needs.


And, it’s not just with juice. It’s with pizza, ice cream  and all foods.


This was a wonderful feeling. No more food worry, no more body worry.


Would you like to feel this feeling too? You CAN! I promise!


Take this moment and listen to the webinar replay “How to Break Free from the Pain of Dieting and Get the Body You Love Without Feeling Deprived”.


And if you’d like, consider taking it further and join me and those who already said YES to the Freedom to Eat Forever™ Program where you will get the training, action and support you need to eat without food worry.


Hope to see you there!


If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me at . I am here to support you all the way!



Abolishing the “Eat This, Don’t Eat That” Rule

Portion control is something that is always stressed when discussing weight loss and healthy eating.  It is undeniable that the portions of food people eat are much larger than they were years ago, which is a direct contributor to the obesity epidemic this country is facing.


Several experiments have recently been conducted at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.  It was discovered that people have a “taste-health balance point” – a proportion of unhealthy and healthy foods in each meal – which they find satisfactory.  Thus, eating a smaller portion of a food you love (that might not be deemed the healthiest), rather than eliminating it completely, and pairing it with a healthy food choice allows the person to be satisfied with a smaller amount without feeling deprived.


Yet, in most commercial diet plans, along with portion control, there are “eat this, don’t eat that” rules.  Inevitably, the dieter can only stand not eating a favorite food on the “don’t eat” list for so long.  Cravings then lead to overeating and the diet is foregone.


Is this sounding familiar to you?


This is one of the reasons that I stress to my clients the importance of really understanding the concept of providing yourself with the unconditional permission to eat when hungry what food you desire. It takes the “taboo” label off foods that you would otherwise deem as “bad”.  It eliminates the desire to overeat on these foods and creates room for healthier food options.


So, if you are stuck in the diet mindset, try balancing your next meal with healthy wholesome foods plus those that you might deem “not as healthy” but are your favorite. See if you are satisfied with less and let me know in the comment section below.


To learn more about becoming an intuitive eater and How to Break Free from the Pain of Dieting and Get the Body You Love Without Feeling Deprived, join me for a Free Webinar on Tuesday September 16,2014 at 8 pm EST. Click here to register for FREE.