End of Summer Program Special 

Has food and dieting been one of the biggest struggles in your life?  

Are you ready to stop dieting?  

Have you been thinking about trying intuitive eating but don’t know where to start?  

Or, have you already read the intuitive eating book, done the assignments in the workbook, but you’re still struggling?

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Still Dieting but Desperately Want to Stop?  

5 Step Intuitive Eating Program – Freedom to Eat Forever™ A Self-Paced Online Program with Group Support  

Save 75% through September 3, 2018

Freedom to Eat Forever™ is a 5 Step Intuitive Eating Program. It’s a completely different approach that will rebuild your confidence and help you make peace with food and your body through a three-pronged approach that includes a healthy mindset, caring support, and nutrition education. This program includes free membership in the Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™ Facebook Group for coaching and support.

Struggling with Your Intuitive Eating Practice?  

Join the Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™ 

Save 50% through September 3, 2018

Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™ is a monthly membership program where you get the help you need to practice and integrate intuitive eating into your daily life so it becomes a natural part of who you are. We meet twice every month for small group coaching and you get daily support from an incredible group of women in our online community (and me!) so you don’t feel alone on this journey. Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™ gives you the support and accountability you need to make intuitive eating second nature.