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Eating 40/30/30 Intuitively?

I receive emails every day from people on my email list, my online community, or private Facebook group. One common thread among many of these emails is NUTRITION OVERWHELM.   Here’s an excerpt from the end of one of those emails: “…..I already think about food too much as it is and when I hear […]

3 tips to manage food stress in your life

I returned to my office yesterday after a 4-day weekend. Wow, the number of emails, messages, Facebook notifications and faxes was truly overwhelming. Then the phone calls started…people somehow know the minute I sit behind my desk.   I was overwhelmed. That overwhelm caused me to procrastinate on getting some projects done, like this blog […]

If Not Willpower, Then What?

In speaking with prospective clients, there’s one comment that comes up a lot in the many conversations we have. That is “I just need more willpower”.   I really do understand the reason behind this comment from so many women who have been struggling with their weight and on diet after diet. It’s because diets […]

5 Ways to Slow Down Your Eating

In today’s fast paced society, it’s only natural that we rush around trying to get everything done before the day is over. You rush to work, school, and everywhere else you must go. You probably even rush through lunch to get back to your busy day at work.   While moving fast may be a […]

How Do I Learn to Trust Again?

It’s not easy. It’s just not easy to trust someone or something that has let you down time and time again.   You want to trust, you really do. But you can’t.   How do you regain that trust after you’ve been shamed, disappointed, and embarrassed – again!   I can be talking about anything […]