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Results Not Typical

It’s easy to be influenced by pictures we see or advertisements we read. There is no shortage of ads for weight loss products, pills, drinks, diets etc. Each of these are accompanied by a before and after picture. The before picture of the woman (or man) is usually her standing slouched over with a solemn […]

Blame the Diet Industry NOT Yourself

Did you know that Americans spend more than $60 billion dollars annually to try and lose weight?   Let that sink in for a moment.   That number includes weight loss programs and money spent on diet foods and beverages.   That’s a lot of money to spend blaming yourself when the “product” you are buying doesn’t […]

Intuitive Eating is Not Giving Up

What feeling comes to mind when you decide to never diet again? For many people, an immediate “weight” (no pun intended) is lifted off their shoulders. They use words such as:   Freedom Excitement Exhilaration Relief Joy   (What’s your word, comment below!)   But for others, I know this isn’t the case. When you’re […]