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Can You Mindfully Eat Fast?

Mindful eating. Sounds simple doesn’t it?   Actually, it’s not! If it was, many more people would be doing to. Why is it so difficult to eat mindfully?   I think a big reason is the chaotic lifestyle that a lot of people live.   We live in a society where we are constantly running, […]

Shutting Down the Food Police

Do you have a set of unreasonable rules that dieting has created? Is your head constantly filled with chanting words that promote or demote you from eating food that you love?   This is the “food police” voice that is constantly telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat. It’s sort of like the angel […]

Mastering Intuitive Eating

My client, Amanda, who is working with me on intuitive eating, walked into my office, sat down and starting crying. Once she was able to stop crying, she told me how she recently had a breast cancer scare. Her doctor called her and told her she needed to go for a second mammogram, they “saw” […]