How to Love Your Body Even if You Are Not “Skinny”

Giveaway squareThere is so much emphasis on being “skinny” or “thin” in today’s society. You are often judged based on your appearance and your body, not based on your inner qualities and abilities.


Don’t tell me it isn’t so. There are countless stories that can be told of 2 women who go for a job interview, one overweight, maybe even obese, the other thin and model-like. Who gets the job? More often than not, the thin woman.


The above scenario is what keeps you dieting, over and over again, berating yourself every time you “go off the diet” and bashing your body with comments such as “I hate my body, I hate my thighs, I’ll never have the body I want”.


Let’s take a different approach.


Let’s start to learn to love yourself and love your body RIGHT NOW as it is. Yes, I mean right now at whatever body size you are at. Appreciate all that your body has done for you, and continues to do for you. By giving and showing respect to your body and accepting it, you will let go of the body hatred and body bashing and allow yourself to move away from yo-yo dieting and move forward on your intuitive eating journey.


To help you do this, I have gathered together 20 fabulous experts who are who are giving away, for free, high-quality gifts on the topics of:

  • Self-Love
  • Body Love
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Meditation
  • Abundance
  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • and many more!


The event is called Love Yourself, Love Your Body!


I am committed to helping women around the globe learn to love themselves and their bodies as they are RIGHT NOW in order to move away from the cycle of yo-yo dieting.  So, that means you will not find any fad diets, crazy exercise regimens, detox programs, etc….in this giveaway.  What you will find are gifts designed to help you get in touch with yourself, learn to love yourself, accept yourself and trust your inner guidance system when it comes to taking care of yourself and your body.


Click here and grab your free gifts before the event ends on November 23rd.





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