5 Ways to Handle Food Pushers

Hand Stops CakeYou’ve probably experienced what I am about to talk about.


There you are at a friend’s home for dinner. It’s dessert time and she brings out a homemade apple pie. You left room for dessert, but you truly don’t feel like having apple pie. You much prefer to have the fresh berries with a dollop of whipped topping.


Your friend says “here, have a piece of apple pie”. And, you say, “no, thank you”. And she says “oh come on. I baked it just for you. One bite won’t kill you”. You say, “okay, I’ll have a small slice”.


Later that night, you are upset with yourself. Why did you give in and have that apple pie. You didn’t even enjoy it. You really wanted the fresh berries.


We call these people food pushers or pressure feeders. Why do they do what they do? And, what is the best way to deal with them?


I answer these questions in this week’s episode of The Diet Free Zone Show™.


Just click the image below to watch now.

Food Pushers







After watching the video, please share your food pusher experiences with me in the comment below.


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