Holiday Parties? No Problem!

Holiday OrnamentsWhoa, can you believe it? Thanksgiving is in one week. Where has the time gone!


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love cooking for the Thanksgiving feast and spending time with my family.  I especially love when my daughters stand side by side next to me and help me cook. One year, they made name tags and wore them around their necks that said “Assistant Chef”.  So cute!


Many of my clients start to get nervous when the holidays arrive. Well, to be really clear, these clients I am referring to are just starting to see me and who still have a dieter’s mindset. They feel “uh oh, how will I handle all the food at all the holiday meals and parties I am going to? Maybe I should wait to begin our nutrition coaching sessions until the New Year”.


Ding, ding, ding. This is how a dieter thinks and speaks.


This is not how my clients who are on the intuitive eating journey think and speak. They have successfully been shifting their mindset and moving away from the “all or nothing” dieter’s way of thinking. They are not worried about the holiday meals and parties because they are learning how to honor their bodies and giving themselves permission to eat.


Now, having said that, I still think it’s important to set up your environment for success and to have some tips in your back pocket for when you head out to your parties.


I’ve put together a video for you with 3 tips for before you head out to the party and 5 tips for when you are at the party.


Just click the image below to watch. Then come back and let me know by commenting below which tips you will implement this holiday season.

Holiday Tips






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