The Answer to End Your Weight Struggles is Here

Last night was really a landmark night for me and I want to share it with you.


I knew how excited I was to share with the world How to Break Free from the Pain of Dieting and Get the Body You Love Without Feeling Deprived. But I had no idea how many of you shared that same excitement. There is one thing that is undeniable. And you know it deep down. Discovering how to give up dieting and eat without guilt can be one of the most crucial factors in finally achieving what you have dreamed of for so long.


Just in case you missed it last night, or want to listen again, here is the link to the replay.  You’ll want to listen now because it’s only available for a short time.


On the webinar, I taught the 3 steps that you need to become an intuitive eater.  These are the same steps that I have incorporated into my own life. On the webinar, I tell you a bit about my own story and how intuitive eating has changed my life. And, you know what? It can change yours too.

Intuitive eating can help you:

  • be freed of dieting forever
  • lose weight and keep it off without feelings of deprivation
  • eat without guilt or food worry


I also announced on the webinar the premier of Freedom to Eat Forever. This is a revolutionary program that not only helps you shift your mindset and reject dieting.

But more importantly, it helps you experience:

  1. Unconditional permission to eat when you are hungry what foods you desire.
  2. Eating for physical and not emotional reasons.
  3. Reliance on your internal hunger and satiety signals to determine when and how much to eat.


And most crucially of all…reveals how to enjoy a diet-free life and a body you love.


It’s this combination of shifting your mindset and honoring your body that makes Freedom to Eat Forever such an amazing experience.  Powerful, even life-changing,  to help you not only leap frog your biggest challenges, but to set you up for a lifetime that exceeds your wildest dreams.


Learn the 3 steps to breaking free from dieting by listening to the webinar here.


Or, if you’ve already decided that you are ready to move forward, go ahead and check out the details and register for Freedom to Eat Forever here.


The program begins October 1, 2014. It’s a 90 day (3 month program- October, November and December).


Oh, and by the way, I have a fast action bonus for you if you take action fast. An “Ask Me Anything Coaching Call” available to the first 20 people who register. And, that’s on top of the big dollar savings for those who register through the webinar promotion (and lots of other bonuses and surprises I am throwing in).

Freedom to Eat Forever




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