Take A Stand Against the Scale

Scale-womans feetDo you find yourself hopping on the scale every morning? Do you rejoice on the days you’ve lost a pound, and scold yourself on the days you stayed the same? The scale starts to have the ultimate power of how you feel and treat yourself during the day. This leads to a cycle of under and overeating, weight gain, and body dissatisfaction – four things that lead you down the wrong path when it comes to food.


The number on the scale does not reflect the person you are, or the person you are becoming. No one and no thing can tell you how you feel about yourself. With intuitive eating you cannot fail, it is a lifestyle and learning process every step of the way. The scale is a false idol. There are many factors that influence your weight which do not reflect body fat, such as fluid retention, fluid shifts within your body and water loss from sweating after a workout.


Forget the scale; it does not represent who you are, or who you are becoming. Intuitive eating teaches you to become compassionate toward yourself, and helps you to get past dieting. Listen to your internal cues telling you what you want to eat, and when you want to eat it. The scale does not determine your food or exercise schedule for the rest of the week. Your inner cues won’t lead you astray, have confidence and listen to what your body is telling you.


The next time you go into the bathroom to weigh yourself, STOP! Remember the scale is not your measure of success on this intuitive eating journey. Take that scale and put it away. Just take a look at the image with this blog…a woman standing on the scale yet the scale registers zero pounds.


Now it’s your turn to take action: Put away the scale and make a commitment not to weigh yourself. Please share your success in the comments below.



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